Missed the CMA Festival?

During the CMA Festival, you wish you knew the closest beach to Nashville?!

There is a lot to see and do in Nashville, TN - even if you've missed the CMA Festival. I do everything to avoid loudness and crowds. The feeling in downtown Nashville at the CMA festival is like I imagine that of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Though it was beautiful out, it was hot and loud with a lot of beer drinking in the streets. Where's the beach?

My recent trip happened to be during the CMA festival, but we found some gems a little bit away from downtown.  Even though there were at least seven free stages with music and many more paid concerts to attend, I wandered with a friend into a few new spots. I have visited most of the standards: Top Ten Things to do in Nashville

A few restaurant gems we found on this trip are "Marche Artisan Foods", a European style cafe, in East Nashville near our "Air BNB" lodging, where I ran into a High School Musical Teacher from Knoxville, and on Belcourt Avenue's Restaurant row near Vanderbilt and the famous Pancake Pantry, we ate at Savarino's Cucina. I see this restaurant has very mixed reviews, but what we ordered was nice. Just a small snack of Vodka Penne (that the menu calls Pink Sauce) and a rice ball. The house wine was good also. We had good service late in the afternoon, and a quiet time away from noisy crowds. The previous trip, we happened to wander into the "House of Blues" Recoring Studio (518 E. Iris Dr.) - not too busy when we stopped, so they were glad to give us a free impromptu tour!


I want to show you a video which I have never seen before that goes thru highlights of all Nashville neighborhoods. I especially like getting a glimpse of visiting Bluebird Cafe, since I still have not had a  chance to spend time there. (You need to book in advance to get in).

The video is from this visitors guide to Nashville TN  website.

I am not a groupy for anyone, and was embarrassed to go up to pose with Meghan Linsey, but I am so impressed with her kindness. I can really see a difference with the polished style of Meghan's entertaining personality, and lesser known performers at the CMA.

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I hope you enjoy your stay when you go!! Chow!

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