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  • 3rd Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition Results


    Presenting Results of the 3rd Annual Violettes

    Composition and Songwriter Competition 2015/16

    We hope to post some student Bios in the near future. Please send in Bios and Photos.

    Senior Division Composition Awards


    Announcing the 1st Place Senior Composition Winner for the 3rd Annual Violettes Youth Music Competition (Hope You don't mind some visual - it shows how easily your music paints a picture) Thanks to Kiwanis West in Knoxville, TN for the Prize Donation.



    2nd Place Senior Composition-

    Lindsey Williams from Oregon with "Nocturnal Transmogrifications"

    Thanks to Kiwanis West of Knoxville, TN for the $200 Prize Donation.


    3rd Place Senior Composition-

    Helena Abney-McPeek from Illinois with "May 14", Both Parts I and II

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate


    Honorable Mentions:

    Juliana Lynch from Maryland, "The Cherry Tree"

    Sayali Gove from North Carolina, "The Night Dances"

    Max Justice from Oregon , "Scarlet"

    Jie Zhang from Oregon, "The Unforgettable"


    Special Award:

    Juliana Lynch from Maryland with "Heaven's Door" - One of the judges commented that this deserves 1st place in a different category. Violettes by Becky agrees, so we have created a special one time Choral award for Miss Lynch.

    Presenting 1st Place Choral Award to Juliana Lynch, we pulled $100 out of our Violettes by Becky hat.

    Senior Songwriter Awards

    Please note that this decision was impossibly hard. Finally, after looking at the ratings from 3 judges, we had to call a prize winner.


    1st Place Senior Songwriter - Aanna Sapp from Missouri with "Wanderlust"

    Thanks to the Annie Moses Band for the Fine Arts Summer Academy Gift


    2nd Place Senior Songwriter- Carli Tuttle from Florida with "Trust Me"

    Thanks to US Music Corp for the Washburn Guitar Prize


    3rd Place Senior Songwriter - Alma Russ from North Carolina with "Next Town"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate

    Junior Division Composition

    1st Place Junior Composition-  Fiona Abney-McPeek from Illinois with "Sunlight"

    Thanks to Performers Music in Chicago for the $50 Gift Certificate

    2nd Place Junior Composition- Tie

    Sonia Nair from Oregon with "Coming of Age"

    Thanks to Performers Music in Chicago for the $25 Gift Certificate

    Maya Wood from Missouri with "Moonlight Spirit"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate

    Junior Division Songwriter

    1st Place Junior Songwriter- Samantha Shuma from Texas with "Hooked"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $50 Gift Certificate

    2nd Place Junior Songwriter- Emma Rowe from Tennessee with "Life Isn't Fair"

    Thanks to Sheet Music Plus for the $25 Gift Certificate.


    School Awards

    Oakland, California Roots Int. School wins Outstanding Participation Award, with Dr. Bryan Alvarez entering 26 students with Garage Band compositions. They each have feedback from our amazing judges. 1st thru 3rd places still to be announced. -And a $500 check from an anonymous donor.

    We still haven't heard from one of the judges, who is diligently typing results for all the children.

    The Flushing, New York Veritas Academy students were challenged by Dr. Michael Eisenberg to write songs to enter. Students Melany Bernard , David Mercado, Tiffany Rose Joseph all won honorable mentions. Plus outstanding teacher, Michael Eisenberg wins $200 for the school to spend on music related equipment. Thanks to a collection of my generous friends and clients.

    We must thank Composition Classes of Ben Mulholland from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania school, Play On, Philly! for judging the middle school compositions including the overwhelming number of Garage Band compositions.

    Note that all Judges are Music Professional volunteers! A great big thank you to these fine people. We pulled in an additional judge, Tammie Dischner, member of the Knoxville Songwriter Association, to help us decide on the Senior Songwriter group winner.

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  • Gwyneth, Cool Violin Purse - un No. 23 is in Our Hall of Fame

    Entitled to her Violin Purse and Guitar Purse

    Why is Gwyneth Knolls in the Violettes by Becky Hall of Fame? She supports the arts - specifically, my arts!! When I was just playing with my violin purse pattern and didn't have a company name, a common friend of ours took me to Gwyneth's house with the purpose of helping Gwyneth unburden herself of stacks of beautiful fabric. 100 pounds of fabric to be exact!

    Hall of Fame, violin gifts, violin purse TBT Gwyneth in our Hall of Fame.

    Gwyneth says: "It excites me to see them and know I had a small part in helping you start. I am so proud of you every time I read of another success, another artist endorsement, another page of models, another amazing hand painted guitar bag."

    Gwyneth had her fabrics neatly organized by color and pattern in separate boxes. It was amazing that she let me pick out fabrics. Guess who received one of Violettes' early original handmade Violin Gifts? By request, Gwenyth also owns the very first guitar purse that I made. I later asked her how hard it was to watch that fabric walk out the door. I have stacks of left over fabric from my own sewing, and I would have trouble giving it away because I can see so many (sew many) new projects with the scraps. She said she had to get out a bottle of wine when I left with all that fabric! I would have too Gwyneth. In fact I'm drinking to you right now. Thanks for your Support the Arts generosity!

     1. Violettes: How did you know Darlene (our mutual friend who was my Mother's best friend and my good friend too. She died of cancer soon after my mother moved to Tennessee).
    Gwyneth: Darlene was a friend of my Mother's. They met at a “Current Events class” at the San Leandro Library and went on to take other classes together. At the time Darlene was living with Harold and his mother in an apartment in the Mulford Gardens area of San Leandro (near the Marina) which is where my mother’s house was. They used to walk the parcourse at the Marina together.  When my mother decided to sell her house and move into an apartment, Harold and Darlene had moved up to Dutton Ave. Harold’s mother had passed away and they recommended to their landlord that my mother would like to move in to the next door apartment. She lived there for 8 years with Harold and Darlene  living next door and that’s when I met them and their family & friends who came to visit.


    2. Violettes: You are an incredible quilter. When did you first learn? What are the favorite quilts that you have made? Do you hand stitch the quilting or machine stitch. Some quilters are sticklers for the hand stuff!

    Gwyneth: I don’t know how you figure I’m an “incredible” quilter…I tried making a quilt in 1968

    Hall of Fame, Violin Purse, Violin Gifts Gwyneth's Baby Quilt
    Hall of Fame, Violin Purse, Violin Gifts Gwyneth's Daughter with quilted vest.

    for a friend who had a baby, but I had no idea how to do it so I sewed it on three sides and turned it inside out -like a pillowcase- and sewed the end shut and started quilting on it. It was an ungodly mess, so I figured I’d better read about how it was supposed to be done and I was hooked. The next baby that came along was my cousin's baby in England so I made this one properly but didn’t quilt it nearly enough (mostly because I didn’t know enough about the reasons for the quilting stitch). Then I tried quilted garments. I made three vests for my daughter and two of her friends. This was my Katie at 3 years old with a kitty vest. I made a bunny vest and a puppy vest for her friends.

    Then another cousin in England had a baby and this time I delivered the quilt by hand. This one I was quite proud of. The design wasn’t original but it was nice and colorful and the baby loved it (as did her mom). I quilted this by machine.
    3. Violettes: Do you have other hobbies?
    Gwyneth:    I have other hobbies, mostly crafts, just now I’m making clothes pin and peg dolls. I’m having a bit of difficulty though, as the electricity his gone out in the garage (where my desk is) and so I can’t see to work on anything, plus my vision is failing (due to cataracts). ---------------------------------------------
    4. Violettes: Do you have just one sister? I know you help take care of her with downs syndrome?
    Gwyneth: I have one baby sister (with Down Syndrome) who is 54, but I can no longer look after her as she needs 24 hr care and has severe dementia, so I have put her in a care home nearby. She no longer knows who I am, which breaks my heart, but it also means she doesn’t miss me as much as I miss her. I have a brother too who is 62; I am the oldest. He is married and lives in Oroville, CA and is a retired cable installer (and biker dude). Harley, of course.
    It’s a pleasure to know you and to say I know the owner of Violettes by Becky.

    The pleasure is mine of course. Thank you for your part to Support the Arts! By supporting Violettes, you support both visual and music arts. Welcome to the Violettes Hall of Fame.

    Hall of Fame, Violin Purse, Violin gifts Gwyneth Gifts another quilt.
  • Violettes in Exhibition: Support the Arts

    To Support the Arts is a Violettes goal, but Now the Arts is supporting Violettes!




    Violettes does so much to Support the Arts - what a fun turn around!

    This is a short blog to let you know of one of Violettes' recent successes. Our Gypsy Violin Purse has been accepted for display at the Knoxville Airport art exhibition. The show is from April 16 to October 7, 2015. The display with the note below will be in the show:

    Music gifts, Gifts for music lovers, music festival fashion Gypsy Violin (Back) - Support the Arts and Vice Versa
    Ms. Chaffee has Civil Engineering Degrees from UC Berkeley and Cornell University. After working in the field for many years, she devoted her time to raising 2 musical children, and volunteering in schools and church. As her children gained independence, she had time to sew. A creative out of the box thinker with a sense of design and a love of music, she made a Violin Purse. The Violin in this show is part of a collaboration with her brother, composer and writer, Paul Brody. He wrote a story about a Roma Violinist in Paris, which is presented on Ms. Chaffee's web site,   Violettes function as practical wearable art bags, but are also a hit with musicians, who use them to carry extra strings and equipment.Violettes fans asked for other instruments, such as cello, piano, guitar, banjo, and uke. Some are hand painted by herself and local artists. Select bags are also available in leather.  One customer says, "Violettes handbags/music accessory bags are exquisite, but also incredibly practical. It is like carrying a piece of art that is also extremely useful. I always get compliments when I have mine. As a violist, I carry it on stage with me when I perform or rehearse, so I can unobtrusively have my rosin, extra strings, a pencil etc., if I need them. I also use it as a regular "dress up" purse, esp. when I go to concerts. Thank you, Violettes, for being such a beautiful and useful product."
    Thru her on-line business, Violettes by Becky, Ms. Chaffee gives back to the children's music community. She assists in many capacities with fundraisers for children's music causes, and holds Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competitions with national entries from students age 10 thru 18. Students submit on-line with a Score and MP-3 or You Tube recording. While a few winners are selected, all the participants receive constructive comments from an international jury. 


    To see more photos and the specific page with the collaboration, click HERE.

    Please remember to come to our site first for gifts for music lovers, or any gifts at all. If you need music festival fashion, this is where to shop. Supporting us is supporting Youth Music Education Causes. So support the Arts HERE. Thank you!!



  • "Swing for Joy", FUNdraiser for the Joy of Music School, Chocolate Piano Gifts...for Prize


    Violettes by Becky, a Gifts for Music Lovers Company, is orchestrating a FUNdraiser for the Joy of Music School of Knoxville. It takes place on Saturday, June 21 at Pam and Barry Robertson's Driving Range, Target Golf, 5311 W Beaver creek Dr., Powell, Tn. 865/696-4133

    You don't have to be a golfer. Just come and hit some balls. We'll lend you a club and get you started! The Robertson's are generously donating 100 percent of profits from purchases of buckets of balls ($5.50 to $15.50). Each purchase will give you tickets for the prize drawings. There are not just awesome golf prizes (passes to TN National, 2 passes including carts to Avalon…), but Dollywood, Comedy Barn, Titanic and Smoky Mntn Opry passes, Smoky Mntn Rafting passes, several local restaurant gift certificates... We will serve Starbucks coffee for those arriving at 9 AM. Hamburgers for those making ball purchases. Lots of gifts for music lovers at this event, so stop by!

    In addition, Brixx: Wood Fired Pizza is donating $ for every pizza ordered on June 20, 21 and 22, the Weekend of the event, Fri., Sat. and Sunday at both Knoxville locations.

    YOU NEED TO TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE THERE for the Joy of Music School!!!!

    Bring family and friends and have some fun!
    Call Becky at 865/850-9220 if you have any questions.
    For details see
    Please join our event on facebook! And share this info! Thanks so much for your support.

    See Metro Pulse article featuring Violettes Owner, Becky Chaffee

    We have a great prizes with hourly drawings! Many great gifts for music lovers!

    Schakolad making Chocolate Piano Gifts for "Swing for Joy" Prize.



  • Best of 2013 Jazz Recordings

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    The 2013 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll




    Violettes supports musical arts

    Ask about our middle school and high school music department fund raising programs.

    Contributions have been donated to:

    • Oak Ridge Symphony through ORCMA.
    • Knoxville Symphony through Symphony League  Silent Auction.
    • Support children for music education through CelloLeap for Tuesday Morning Music Club in Knoxville
    • Bravo Vail Fundraiser
    • WDVX 89.9 fm, Knoxville, TN

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