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  • Sisters Win Violettes by Becky Youth Competitions

    2017 Annual Violettes by Becky

    Youth Composition Competition
    Sisters, Helena and Fiona Abney McPeek Both Win First Place


    Repeat participants in the Violettes by Becky Youth Composition Competition, Helena and Fiona Abney-McPeek have both placed before. This year they have something special to celebrate, as they both have our 2017 first place prizes.


    Violettes by Becky Youth Composition Competition Senior Division -

    Youth Competition Winner

    Helena Abney-McPeek writes, "I started playing Suzuki violin when I was 4 years old.  From the very beginning, I was interested in composing, and I have several pieces for violin and voice that I wrote when I was maybe 5 years old.  Currently I'm 16 years old and a high school junior.  I sing in the a cappella choir at school and play violin in the Chicago Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  I'm involved in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra's Composition Seminar and have composed for my high school's musical.  I'm also involved in the Computer Orchestra (an electro-acoustical ensemble) at my school and have composed a piece that we will perform in our concert next month. My other interests include math, computer science, science, writing and acting."
    Violettes by Becky Youth Composition Competition Junior Division -
    Youth Competition Winner

    Eighth grader Fiona Abney-McPeek has been involved with music for much of her life.  She started playing violin when she was a todder. Soon after, she began her first compositions, which she played on violin with her family.  In addition to playing and composing music, Fiona participates in her middle school's Mathcounts, Science Olympiad, robotics, cross country and track teams.  She currently plays in a youth orchestra, sings in the school choir, plays chamber music with her friends and participates in a composition workshop.


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Violettes by Becky sent some questions to Mom for the blog to learn about the family of these amazing young ladies.

    Helena has entered the contest 4 times, and younger sister,  Fiona, 3 times.

    Youth Competition training A memory treasure for the McPeek Family
    Photo shows Helena, Fiona and Mom playing violin trios about 9 years ago.  Mary Sara McPeek, Mom, picked up a bit of violin from sitting in on the kids' lessons. Mrs. McPeek says, "with my (limited) experience on other instruments, I could hang in there and play duets and trios with them when they were little".
    "My husband, Mark, and I have a lot more musical enthusiasm than actual developed skill.  Mark has basically no training and doesn't play any instruments.  I am a musical dilettante with little formal training (some flute, mostly self-taught on piano, and some choral experience).  When the kids were little and the pieces were easier, I frequently accompanied them on piano.  The kids left us in the dust musically a number of years ago.  For example, Helena and Fiona both have perfect pitch and can sight-sing together in perfect two-part harmony (or more than two parts if there are others available).  My singing ability is much more limited, and my husband works hard to keep his part.  However, the kids still graciously and enthusiastically allow my husband and me to sing along with them, and they are encouraging when I try to play the piano with them while they play violin or sing."
    Youth competition contestants with family "A family portrait taken shortly after my kids had performed at my sister's wedding 1.5 years ago."
    In addition to caring about music, we are a family of math and science lovers.  Helena and Fiona are both very interested in areas such as computer science, physics, robotics, math and environmental science.  My husband has expertise in physics, I have expertise in statistics, and we both are academic researchers in statistical genetics/computational biology.  As a result, our family tends to talk a lot about interesting and puzzling science, math and technology problems as we sit around the dinner table.  There will sometimes be robots, hovercraft, or wheeled vehicles being built or programmed in our house, generally by the kids and their friends, with us parents helping to find supplies.  We also love to travel and to do fun stuff outdoors like hike or play ultimate frisbee.
    Congratulations to these wonderful young ladies and their family.
    Registration is currently accepted for the 2018 competition. Inquire with any questions to
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  • Music Competition Highlights - More Violettes' Senior Winners


    Composition and Songwriter Competition Bios (#2 in Series)

    Songwriter Contest; Guitar Purse, Music Competition The rest of Becky.


    We have incredible students enter the Violettes by Becky Youth Music Competition.  

    Here are Senior 2nd place winners (only because I can't afford too many ties)!

    Advertisement Note -Though the mission of Violettes by Becky is to support childrens' music education - Becky puts in long hours, obtaining prizes with endless phone calls and emails, looking for (free) places to post announcements with endless calls and emails, organizing entries, conferring with judges, sending out notes for results, making certificates, mailing prizes, mailing thank yous to judges and donors, writing press releases for all winners... The competition is great fun, so please support the fun by buying from Violettes. Everyone needs to give gifts. You can also help by sharing  (and "Liking" ) Violettes posts, or better yet, photos of products, on social media. We are on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even a little bit on Tumblr. Also, you can have your class pitch in to buy an end of the year thank you gift for your music teacher or conductor. Several students have done this in the past. See



    For Competition Rules, See this Link.

    Senior Songwriter Competition, 2nd Place winner: 

    Hanah Breck-Moore, 15 from Winnsboro, Texas

    Songwriter Contest, Music Compeititon Hanah Breck - Contest Winner

    Hanah Breck-Moore attends Winnsboro High School. She with her brother Christopher Hollis and sister Hailee Kristee are members of her 4 piece band, “Scatter Proof Band”. They play country, pop blues, and classic rock. Hannah sings and plays rhythm and lead guitar. She together with her younger sister co-write and compose songs. She also plays clarinet in her school marching band, and is a member of the Drill Dance Team.  “Singing, playing & writing music is my passion. I love the stage, the reaction of audiences, & playing with my band.  I like to cook, ride my horse, swim, skate, & be with my friends.  I want to be a famous singer and musician "tomorrow".   Music is what I plan to do with my life. It makes people Feel.  It brings back memories, & puts smiles on faces, gets many up dancing, & singing along.”



    Senior Composition Competition, 2nd Place Winner:

    David Ghesser , 17 from Tarzana, California 

    David Ghesser was our 1st place winner last year. He studies piano with Larisa Rakhmanova and composition with Liviu Marinescu. He has been playing piano since he was 9 ½, and composing for 4 ½ years. He enjoys writing contemporary classical, Jazz and most recently, pop! David's favorite composers include, Beethoven, Mesiaen, Bartok and Grisey, and his favorite Jazz imropovisers are Early Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and Mike Garson. He will major in composition at UCLA next fall.

    We hope you enjoyed some of the fruits of our Music Competition.


  • Violettes 2nd Youth Composition and Songwriter Contest Awards

    Violettes by Becky Presents Awards

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

    It was such a pleasure to listen to each of the compositions/songs. Congratulations to all who entered! The level of entries was very high, and the number of entries more than doubled from last year. This contest is meant to encourage you. The judges' feedback is meant to be helpful, so I hope you find it that way. (I don't have all the judges comments yet, so I will be emailing them with your certificates over the next 2 weeks.)

    We all must thank the wonderful volunteer judges : The 2 Songwriter judges, David Lauver and Tammie Dischner are both singer/songwriters who have won both Regional and National Songwriting Competitions. (Blog featuring Ms. Dischner coming soon). Senior composition judges are Esteban Alvarez and Richard Prior. Junior composition judges are Julie Fischer and Paul Brody.

    We also need to thank our generous prize donors: Digitrax Entertainment, SoKnox Studios,     JW Pepper (Sheet Music), Sheet Music Plus, and Performers Music. In addition, we thank our generous anonymous donor for the $1,000 Scholarship.

    Scoring: With the competition growing, we will post an official scoring method for next year. Previously, I left it up to the judges for individual scoring, but we had a rough time choosing winners in several catagories. Deciding whether instrumentation, form, creativity, length ... takes priority was impossible in cases. In one case, we had to resort to age to help break the several way tie!

    Next week, Violettes will post photos, bios and more music of winners.

    Songwriter Contest Awards:

    Senior - 1st Place presented in video by Violettes by Becky ( from Redondo Beach, CA)
    (I hope you don't mind the video announcement).

    -------------2nd Place Hanah Breck-Moore (Winnsboro, Texas)
    -------------3rd Place Hayden Kesterson (Knoxville, TN)

    Junior - 1st Place Ankitha Gopal (Campbell, CA)
    -------------2nd Place Aria Abhyankar (Richardson, Texas)

    Special School Team Award: Dr. Eisenberg and students Carlos Gomez, Anisa Napier,
    Taziyah  Briant-Prieto and Bryce Fraites. (New York)


    Composition Competition Awards:

    Senior - 1st Place Winner presented in Video by Violettes by Becky (from Oyster Bay, NY)
    (I hope you don't mind the video).

    -------------2nd Place David Ghesser (Tarzana, CA)
    -------------3rd Place Scott Etan Feiner (Roslyn Harbor, NY)
    -------------Honorable Mention Davis Zamboanga (Dublin, CA)

    Junior - 1st Place Meagan Drinnon (Vero Beach, Florida)
    ------------2nd Place Tie Nathanael Fleming (Harrisville, Pennsylvania)
    ------------------------------------and Helena Abney-McPeek (Chicago, Il)
    ------------Honorable Mention: Theo Harsham (Newton Highlands, MA)

    Composition Competition, Songwriter Contest Violettes by Becky thanks judges, presents School Award....with Hand made Quilt Squares.


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    For competition Guidelines, See this LINK.

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