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  • School Enters Several Children in Violettes by Becky Music Competition

    Presenting Our New York Music Competition Students

    Our music competition finds New York. Three students from Veritas Academy High School In Flushing, New York entered the competition. For the second year, outstanding teacher Dr. Michael Eisenberg challenged his students to write a song for the competition. It gives them a goal, and he says entering a competition is an exciting challenge for them.  Often, his class is their first introduction to music instruction.

    This year,  Violettes by Becky presented the 3 students who entered honorable mentions with certificates that were presented in a special ceremony with the school principals and personalized little prizes.  In addition, we were able to collect $200 in donations for the teacher to use on classroom supplies. Dr. Eisenberg will use the funds for "guitar capos, for keyboard headsets and adaptors, for keyboard pedals, and for guitar amps and cables".

    Next we present the students:

    Music competition, Guitar Purse, gifts for music lovers Melany wins honorable mention in Violettes by Becky Songwriter Music Competition

    "I'm Melany and music is my life. It helped me through hard times and now I can't wait to evolve in the music world. My teacher Dr. Eisenberg has been a big help. And now I'm working really hard to improve my voice. My influence has always been Etta James. I'm so thankful for entering this competition. It encouraged me to keep going and keep writing. My dream is to tell my story one day through music."

    Gifts for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse, Music Competition Tiffany also gets Honorable Mention in Music Competition

    "My name is Tiffany. I live in Queens, NY. Music has been a huge part of my life. Everyday I pretend as if I am performing for a sold-out show. One day that will be reality. This competition meant so much to me because it shows I have potential as a songwriter although it's so competitive. My goal is to become a singer-songwriter and philanthropist."

    Music Competition, Gifts for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse Jibril, Honorable Mention

    "My name is Jibril. I love music and it is something that I really enjoy. It is an important part of my life. This is something that I have been involved in since I was very young. In addition, I am an athlete but music is something that is something i would like to accomplish a lot in. However, I would like to become a lawyer. Thank you Violette's by Becky for supporting my exploring music and writing songs!"


    Thank you students! Hope to see you next year!

    Becky Chaffee

  • Samantha Shuma Wins Junior Songwriter Contest

    Bio for Songwriter Contest, Junior Division Winner

    Guitar Purse, American Gifts, Gifts for Music Lovers Samantha Shuma wins 1st place in Violettes Songwriter Contest



    Samantha Shuma, age 13 from McKinney, won 1st place in the 3rd Annual Violettes by Becky Songwriter Competition, Junior Division. Samantha is a songwriter, vocalist, mandolin player, and actress. She started instrument lessons at age 5 and voice at age 6. After studying violin, piano, and guitar, she fell in love with the mandolin. She now takes both acoustic and electric mandolin lessons. She plays Bluegrass, Rock, and Pop, and is involved in musical theatre. Samantha wrote her first song 2 years ago. “I like to write about my thoughts and feelings being 13. Sometimes, it is difficult to find songs for my age, so I write them.”



    Samantha won for her original song "Hooked". She wrote song lyrics with music. Contest entries were judged on emotional impact, individuality and creativity, meaningful lyrics, and melody.

    Samantha regularly appears in live shows through the McKinney and Frisco School of Rock performance programs. She also travels across the country to attend music intensives like Acoustic Music Camp, Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp, and Camp Bluegrass. Samantha likes to shoot and edit videos for her music. This summer, she will be taking songwriting camps and a studio recording camp to learn more about creating sound tracks. “I enjoy performing, especially my own songs, and my goal is to have a successful career in the music industry,” expressed Samantha.

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