• It's All About that Bass for Linda Hill

     We're All About that Bass Fashion at Violettes

    Cool Bass Purse-un No. 41

    There was no "About that Bass" Fashion when I first met Linda Hill. We had a connection in that she is a great storyteller, and I was teaching my children how to tell stories. I invited her for dinner so we could talk more. I still remember that I cooked a home made shrimp pizza that day almost 20 years ago! At that time, I didn't know she played musical instruments and would love a Violettes by Becky "All About that Bass" Fashion Bag, especially since I hadn't yet designed them.

    Linda has done so many cool things and has so many accomplishments. Having cancer has slowed her down and increased her debt status. She was in college to get an elementary education teaching degree, when everything came to a halt for treatments. She has been in remission for 3 years now.
    Linda was born in Mississippi, and has lived in Atlanta,Georgia, New Orleans, New Jersey and Knoxville, TN. She grew up with a Mom teaching her to knit, crochet and sew and a father who gave very structured church sermons. This helped her to cope as an adult. For awhile, she earned a living sewing theatre costumes. She attributes her father's sermons to her storytelling abilities.
    Linda moved to Knoxville for college in 1972 to major in music at Knoxville College because her father lived in Sweetwater. After that, she majored in theatre at UTK, but had trouble with childcare. She also had many health problems, and had to put college on hold. She later went back to school for an early education degree, and spent time studying elementary special education thru the Grand Canyon University on-line, but cancer interfered. She would love to get back to the on-line classes.

    1. Violettes:  You play a lot of instruments and are experienced with theatre. That includes

    All About That Bass, Violin Purse, Gifts for Music Lovers                   Linda Hill loving her All About that Bass Purse

    Violin, Bass, guitar and Piano? Are you still playing them or/and teaching with them?

    Linda plays the upright Bass weekly in her church orchestra. At the elementary school where she is an assistant teacher, she teaches basic music theory and musicianship. She also teaches an after school violin club.
    2. Violettes:  You have been in an acting troupe, "Carpetbag Theatre" - Are you still associated with that group?
    Linda still performs (singing and acting) in short skits with them including excerpts from shows for meetings. This includes performing a skit about the "Tennessee Chocolate Drops" (who the Carolina Drops are named for) for the Louis Bluie Festival and the TN Historical Society.
    Linda also wrote a  story called "Aunt Dina", which she performed for prisoners in honor of Black History Month.
    3. Violettes:  You are currently a teaching assistant for elementary school children. I hope you are able to use your music and acting talents working with the kids! Are you doing anything involving, music, acting or storytelling with the school children?
    Linda teaches reading intervention groups from the 1st thru 4rth grade. After school , thru the Great Schools Partnership, she teaches beginning keyboard and violin.
    4. Violettes:  What are your favorite things to do these days?
    Linda says, "I have been feeling a lot better for the last 9 months. Weekly music with my church is my biggest joy. And just relaxing at home."
    5. Violettes:  You have 2 wonderful sons that you call your coastal babies. What are they up to now that they are grown.
    Milton is recruiting for the Marines in California and Charles is learning to be an electrician in Florida.
    6. Violettes: What is your favorite musician, band  or/and music genre?
    Linda's favorite music is classical, and especially baroque. "In orchestra, it keeps the basses busy!" But she also loves old time blues and country music because of the stories.
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  • Whether or Not You Need Gift Ideas for Music Lovers or a Guitar Purse

    Too Hard to Give Away Money?!!! Deadline for Youth Composition & Songwriting Competition almost Here

    Dear Readers,

    If you're a songwriter, support our work with the purchase of a Guitar Purse.

    A friend of mine always used to tell me that there are so many Scholarships that go uncollected because no one applies. Violettes by Becky has posted news of our 3rd Annual Youth Composition and Songwriting Competition on many free boards such as Young Composers Forum,, in Music Teachers Association Newsletters in a couple of states, on facebook pages of music groups.. and of course in our newsletters.

    We have extended the deadline for registration to Feb. 14, the same as the submittal date. We have 2 categories, Composition and Songwriter, each divided into 2 age groups, 10 thru 14 and 15 thru 18.

    First and second prizes for older composition students (15 - 18) are $800 and $200. Detailed information can be found at Violettes by Becky under Competition; from there, click on the details page to learn about judges, prizes...

    First place prize for the older Songwriter Student is a 10 day summer camp session in Nashville with the Annie Moses Band (worth $1,400), and 2nd place a new guitar.

    Can you help me get the word out?

    There are currently so few entries, we will not be able to justify getting donations for this competition next year. One teacher who found the competition by googling told me that people probably don't believe it. It sounds too good to be true. She signed 2 students on for this year. Last year the first prize student was from New York - she won $1,000 cash! There are no composition entries from New York this year.

    All students receive professional feedback. (Or top 30 in each division). Entry fee is $15, part of which goes to Volunteer Judges as a gift. If you can not afford the fee, let us know, and enter for free.

    Do not hesitate to email or call with any questions.

    3rd Annual Violettes Youth Composition & Songwriting Competition
    For ages 10 thru 18 (Still in High School)
    Submit Score and MP-3 or You tube on-line.
    Register and submit by Feb. 14, 2016
    For Details, see Violettes by Becky
    Registration and Entries Due Feb. 14, 2016

    Thanks to our sponsors:
    Annie Moses Band
    Kiwanis (Knoxville)
    US Music Corp.
    Performers Music
    Sheet Music Plus
    All our really amazing Volunteer Judges - Please check out their music. (Link to their bios on competition page).
    **Fee Waived if you can not afford. Contact us.
    Do not hestitate to ask questions to

    Songwriting Competition, Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Guitar Purse
    Sponsored by Violettes by Becky, Gifts for Music Lovers, Music Purses/Gig bags
    Note that Steinway puts on a Piano Competition. It is well respected, and they get paid to do it. This has been a grassroots labor of love, possibly about to end.

    Support our Youth Competition and Songwriting Competition by spreading the word fast!

    Thank you!

  • Music Art for Black Friday

    Violettes Wishes Everyone a Holiday to be Thankful

    Whether You Own Our Music Art Not!

    Music Art, Gifts for Music Lovers Special Music Art order for Elegant, and not too whimsical trumpet night purse. Trumpet Purse in progress.

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    Another Music Art special for the Black Friday Weekend is 25% off our All About That Bass fashion collection. If you like surprising people or yourself, Order our collection today. This is a great gift for Music Festival Lovers or symphony season ticket holders.

    If you haven't seen the kind of creative fun we have here at Violettes, Check out our video, and subscribe to our You Tube Channel.

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    We are thankful here at Violettes for our family, friends, customers and everyone in between.   - A Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.......

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  • An All About that Bass Guitar Purse Craft Show in Atlanta

    All About that Bass Words Still Everywhere

    In the recently created play by Brent Glenn, there it was - the "All About that Bass" phrase

    All About That Bass, Guitar Purse My Mom and Sister, owner of Cat Violin Purse, at play at Emory University.

    hanging in the middle of the play. I took my Mom to Atlanta to see my niece, Justine, in a play created by an Emory University Theater lecturer. Most of the performers could act, sing and dance too, triple threats. And there were those that could also play instruments. We stayed at my sister's house for a night.

    My Sister, Delanna Protas, was awed the next morning when coming out of a breakfast restaurant, a woman commented on my guitar purse and asked for several Violettes' business cards. Later in the day, my Mom, my Sister and I went to the local high school fundraiser holiday craft show. It's that time folks! My sister was glad to wear a Violettes guitar purse to walk thru the show. I gave her Violettes cards to put in her pocket. We lost her for half an hour. When we found her, she said she hadn't seen anything yet. She was stopped by people who loved her purse and wanted my cards. She was "hooked" and offered to keep a stack of my cards to pass out to everyone she knows!

    All About that Bass, Violin Purse, Guitar Purse Wearing All About That Bass Guitar Purse to Holiday Craft Show

    My sister, Delanna,  was a singer in a rock band thru college and many years after. It's a hard life with a family. Let's face it, it's a hard (albeit fun) life period. And so it is also with arts and craft vendors selling their wares. Even the very talented ones need to take to the road travelling between shows similarly to musicians. Delanna had a moment of potential fame when, People Magazine took a photo shoot of her band for an article, but the article got bumped by "bigger news".

    My sister commented about the crafters that "These people have their hearts hanging out." She understands.

    When I was in elementary school (even though I couldn't carry a tune so well), I sang a favorite song in the talent show. Here are words to that song that I have changed to dedicate to the holiday vendors. Original Words and Tune are at bottom of page.



     To Pete Seeger ‘s Be Kind To Your Parents - Revised Lyrics for Craft Vendors

    Be kind to your vendors
    They really deserve it
    Transporting their craft works
    Is a difficult thing to do

    They're hangin’ their heart out
    And overexcited
    Showin’ you all their
    Handmade arts to sell

    Just keep in mind
    Vendors work hard to show
    Their lathing or knitting to be wrapped in a bow

    Appreciate the splendor
    with kind generosity
    Their arts are for giving and buy one for you

    Keep some in your closet
    For emergency gifts too

    Pete Seeger – Be Kind To Your Parents Lyrics
    Be kind to your vendors
    Though they don’t deserve it
    Remember that grown ups
    A difficult stage of life

    They're apt to be nervous
    And overexcited
    Confused by their
    Daily storm and strife

    Just keep in mind
    Though it seems hard I know
    Most parents were children long ago

    So treat them with patience
    And kind understanding
    In spite of the foolish things they do

    Some day you might wake up
    And find you're a parent too

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  • Alicia Randisi-Hooker - Coachella for String Players

    Who is Cool Violin (Cello) Purse - Un No. 22

    Our Violettes Gig Bags for String Players were developed upon suggestions from Alicia Randisi-Hooker, who coaches cello (Coach-cella). As a professional cellist who really appreciates art and creativity, she wanted to purchase a handmade Violin (cello) Purse as a Gig Bag to carry her spare cello strings, rosin... The bag wasn't large enough to fit her strings and things. So we turned the violin purse vertical to fit her needs. The "All About that Bass" style was designed to fit her largest size Evah PIrazzi cello strings in the back pocket. So Violettes gifted Alicia one of our violincello prototypes. She thought they were perfect gifts for musicians, and wanted to gift our violin gig bags to the visiting Doric String Quartet. We gave them "Tuxedo Violin Bags". Today Violettes has Tuxedo Violin Bags made out of painted Black Leather.

    Ms. Randisi-Hooker says: "I was the lucky recipient of one of Becky’s first Violettes; a cello bag in elegant black and a Harlequin pattern of grey and white, complete with tuning pegs and a long bead for an end pin! She made one for me, as well as four 'tuxedo bags' for the Doric String Quartet, who came to play a concert in Knoxville a few years ago. I hear the two violinists still travel with their Violettes!"

    1. Violettes:  Tell us how you decided to become a cellist.

    Ms. Alicia Randisi Hooker:  I grew up in a musical family, in suburban New York, and there was always music in our home. I never seriously considered any other career, though I got a fairly late start for a string player. As a child I got to see the NY Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera, and LOTS of ballet (my secret wish was to be a dancer), but didn’t have my first real cello lesson until I was almost thirteen. I even saw YoYo Ma when he was nine and I wasn’t much younger, with Leonard Bernstein conducting. I will never forget it; I asked my mother why he got to play up there, and not me!  I was hooked! From that time, I have led what I call a “cello-centric” life.

    Becoming a Suzuki teacher was a natural outgrowth of my desire to foster a love of music in children, but I had to be nagged into it by other teachers who saw potential in me. I was so fortunate to have fantastic mentors along the way, and found that working with children while pursuing my own playing was fulfilling in ways I couldn’t imagine. I feel lucky to have touched the lives of many young musicians, quite a few of which now have successful music careers. All I want to do is make their cello lesson the best hour of their week.

    gifts for musicians, violin gifts                  Alicia Randisi-Hooker teaching cello - sharing her gifts with little string players

    2. Violettes:  How is music part of your family life;  and do you have other interests?

    Ms. Alicia Randisi Hooker:  Music has been a big part of our family life; some would say it

    string players, gifts for musicians String Players all in the family. Alicia with her children (on left and right).

    IS our family life. Before going to medical school, my husband was a professional horn player, and both our children studied music from an early age. Our son is a fine and accomplished guitarist, composer, and bassist who attended the New England Conservatory, but is currently pursuing another, as yet to be decided career. Our daughter is a visual artist who just graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, but whose musical taste is impeccable. She’s introduced a lot of great music to her dad and me.

    Music and cooking are our passions. My artist daughter is also a foodie, and loves to photograph our dinners before we consume them. Our latest obsession is the cookbooks and recipes of Yotam Ottolenghi, an Italian/Israeli chef with a number of restaurants in London. When we visit next year, we plan to dine at as many as our wallets will allow.

    3. Violettes:  Are you performing today outside of the local Symphonies?

    Gifts for Musicians, Trillium Trio                  The Trillium Trio both look and sound "sharp"! ;}

    Ms. Alicia Randisi Hooker:  I’m lucky enough to have a balance of teaching and performing with my trio, Trillium, and hope to continue with them for as long as possible. Our dream is to expand our reach into schools and colleges around the country, sharing our love for the music, for a holistic approach to music education and healthy playing, and to engage students and young audiences with the joy of chamber music.


    Gifts for Piano Players, Piano Purse, Gifts for Piano Teachers

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  • Cool Violin Purse-un No. 6, Briana Booker

    Is a Violin Purse for Everyone? Go Ask a Journalist!


    When I first wrote Ms. Booker to ask her to tell us about herself for our "Cool Violin Purse - un Blog", her journalist instinct stepped forward! She wrote a really special account about her Violettes Violin Purse as she uses it, and about how she see's the bags as great gift ideas for music lovers! Thank you so much Briana! I had to write her back to stress that we want to know about her personally. --A Cool Violin Purse-un INDEED!

    "As for fun, I like photography, culinary cooking and journalism. I also like wine tasting and nature walks. I'm really big on community service, especially with a focus on education and women's rights. Currently I am getting ready for the She's the First annual Baking Fundraiser, which goes towards a scholarship for young girls in developing countries to receive an education. I also do philanthropy work at my high school St. Paul's School for Girls to help get a girl through schooling for college. Lol, I'm not too exciting when I take away the digital parts. It's just something I love to do."
    ALL ABOUT THAT BASS, Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Violin Purse

    Ms. Booker's Awesome Account of her Violettes Violin Purse!

    My name is Briana Booker and I am a content curator and digital strategist for entrepreneurs as well as small and large corporations with a mission to serve the community by supporting community social good initiatives. I especially love to support powerful women led brands through my lifestyle magazine

    As a woman who juggles between roles, I was looking to buy purse design to make my work-life balance easier. My life got much easier with a Violin purse from

    What I love about the handbag is it’s office-friendly feel and variety of storage components. The black guitar purse is not a bag I have to think hard about matching with outfits because the external black canvas backdrop is truly a seasonal essential.

    For example, I carried the purse on my shoulder during my attendance to’s first annual Digital Beltway Conference. It was one of hottest summer conferences techs around the nation wanted to attend and here I was as a travel journalist reporting in the Mashable VIP lounge.

    As a travel journalist it’s always important for me to carry a handbag designed to keep my belongings secure. It’s just as important for me to have a stylish fashion bag to enhance my professional look during such networking events. The Violettes By Becky bag does not let me down. The lightweight purse has a sophistication all on its own and serves as the perfect conversation starter for its unique look and feel.

    In fact, it’s bold, yet slender design often lends me compliments here and there as well as several business cards. When writing for so many brands, it’s important for me to have a purse with sharp detailing like a zipper with the look of violin strings and buttons to more additional fixtures for ultimate traffic stopping effect.

    Not to mention, I appreciate the durability of one of my fashion and beauty bags because I can wear it with confidence to fit all my essentials. If you are looking for a uniquely dressy bag, I highly recommend browsing bags from Violettes By Becky. The company has a bag for women of all ethnicity and professional walks of life. Yes, there’s a bag for the school girls, musicians and techs like me. Yes, there’s a bag for new moms and retirees alike. Don’t simply take my word for it. Have a look for yourself.

    Even for birthdays and holidays, I recommend the handcrafted bags for their skinny straps and affordable glamour. It’s comfortable, easy to carry and just an all round fashionable bag. So don’t be surprised if it makes my list of favorite things of 2015. What can I say, I am a woman who feels proud to say: I browsed. I purchased. I wore. Violettes By Becky is a brand bringing back the sexiness of feminism.

    And yes, I have a vigorous method of determining my ideal presents for people I truly love and adore, but that’s a story for a latter-day. Leave a comment and let me know what bag fits your lifestyle.

    Thank you for your awesomeness Briana!!! Click this LINK to SHOP!

  • Sing a Song for Me - Becky's Own Songwriting Attempt

    Sing a Song from your Poem - the Harder Part

    Please support our Youth Music Education work by purchasing an Awesome Violin Purse (call it an All About that Bass Purse if you want), a cool Guitar Purse or a unique Grand Piano Purse. Thanks!

    In attempt to experience the Songwriting process myself, I have written several poems "About Me". I seem to want to do ballads with a little humor. A problem is that I can barely "carry a tune". I spent many hours trying to sing the words, and am beginning to understand how the wording affects the tune. Although, I have an idea of the feel that I want the tune to have, I find it crazy difficult to make musical sense with some of the words in the way. Here are my Words below. If you can provide any hints or recommendations for creating the tune, please send a note! And better yet, sing a song for me  - send a You tube of your attempt!

    About Me Now

    It relaxes me to walk in the trees
    Sometimes the leaves, they sway in the breeze
    And my mind swirls free.

    My kids are grown
    And don’t answer their phones,
    But are still taking our loans.

    Just me or with you or more of us,
    I love to walk in the forest,
    Enough to make it the chorus!
    Just me or with you or more of us.

    To see the beauty of nature
    Plant seeds sprouting, a feature;
    Age old rocks and scurrying creatures.

    My limbs are getting old,
    Aching Knees and arms with folds,
    My metabolism has slowed.

    Just me or with you or more of us,
    I love to walk in the forest,
    Enough to make it the chorus!
    Just me or with you or more of us.

    My walk becomes a hike up the CCC trail;
    My food from home, a picnic break before my legs derail,
    During which I view the treetops thru a foggy veil.

    My husband wants to garden
    And I want to sew, oh pardon;
    I better get off facebook before the potatoes harden!

    Just me or with you or more of us,
    I love to walk in the forest,
    Enough to make it the chorus!
    Just me or with you or more of us.

    The day is getting warmer and the trees becoming sparse;
    I better make a U-turn before my nose is parched,
    Turning around, I change my course and march.

    I wandered into entrepreneurship,
    Created a Violin Handbag, see my video clip;
    Buy my hand painted Guitar Purse, you’ll be hip!

    Just me or with you or more of us,
    I love to walk in the forest,
    Enough to make it the chorus!
    Just me or with you or more of us.

    I race down the hill
    Not noticing the birds’ high trill;
    Then wait for my friends, pulling out my flute to play, trying not to sound so shrill.

    I pull together a youth music fundraiser
    My Mother moves in, life gets crazier;
    And then there’s that, our brains growing hazier.

    Just me or with you or more of us,
    I love to walk in the forest,
    Enough to make it the chorus!
    Just me or with you or more of us.

    My music echos as the ladies round the bend,
    It’s refreshing to be here with a couple of friends
    Under trees by the river with time to spend

    With Each Other…..

    To end my day in this poem
    I meet my man for a meal alone
    and together we go home

    With Each other…

    Just me or with you or more of us,
    I love to walk in the forest,
    Enough to make it the chorus!
    Just me or with you or more of us.

    Sing a Song

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