About Us

  • Instructional Video to pursonalize your guitar (or Violin) Violette Purse

    Here is my first instructional video that I "shot" and posted myself. I have a lot to learn, so please be patient. 

    Also, since it's October, please enjoy our Violettes Halloween Video by Alex, our official videographer:

  • Our Philosophy

    Support of Music in our Culture

    Anything to support music in the culture is great. Everyone loves some kind of music. We need it for our souls. This company is dedicated to donating to musical causes.

    Music provides a rhythm to the multitude of routines of life, as evident from the utility of music in inspiring dancing (at least in persons under 99 years of age), and as evident from the fact that music is our frequent companion, e.g., during adventuresome road trips, or when shopping for essential commodities, such as handbags and satchels configured in the shape of a musical instrument, or during moments of solitude at home when we use music to chase away the blues.

    Music is being more widely used as therapy for numerous ailments*. This is a reason why we especially support music lessons for children. We believe this can be a kind of therapy to help them thru life’s lumps.

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