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The Guitar Reviews Are In! Buying a Guitar?

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ViolettesbyBecky Guitar Purses are selling at high end shops for high end prices! If you're buying a guitar, why not order a ViolettesbyBecky Guitar Purse to match for yourself or your significant other? Special orders are welcome. We have all black man bags. We can put initials or band logos on them.

Display in Nashville Shop:Buying a Guitar? Our Guitar shop is a must to store your accessories.Buying a Guitar? Come to the Guitar Shop!

Violettes has created some odd instrument purses for fun, such as our banjos seen on our Banjo fanny pack page or the Saw purse seen in our ViolettesbyBecky Halloween Video. Not as odd are our Ukulele Purses. And don't forget the fiddles! We have had many requests for dulcimers and harps.

We are currently working on all leather painted fiddles.

So whether you are buying a guitar or not, ViolettesbyBecky wants to know your suggestions for our next purse. Please tell us your ideas!

Thanks so much,

Becky Chaffee

Violettes, owner

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