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Suzy Chaffee Chooses Guitar Purse

American Gifts are sought after according to my web site statistics, and what could be better than a Guitar Purse with an American Flag hand painted on it? But I was surprised that this is what my sister-in-law Suzy, whom I haven't seen in about 15 years, chose when I offered her a choice of purses at Xmas. She previously asked for a Violettes Piano Purse to gift to a granddaughter's Piano Teacher, and a Cello Purse because her daughter and granddaughter are cellists. Suzy is BTW Cool (Guitar) Purse -un 38!

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I asked her if she will keep her guitar or gift it. She is contemplating it as a special gift for a musical young lady who plays the piano, sings and is currently in another musical at school. And she says she also wants to get a "paint it yourself" guitar for one of her crafty granddaughters.

  1. 1. Violettes: You have many talents. You do paintings (on saw blades). You did inventory control for a business for many years, then you opened a childcare service for many years - any thing else? Do you have other hobbies or talents. I know you love to read - what are your favorite kind of books?

Suzy: I love a good mystery book, especially the old British authors. But any old mystery will do in a pinch. I have signed copies of books by some of my favorite authors. My dream is to

Gifts ideas for music Lovers, guitar Purse, Gifts for Musicians                    Suzy and her Husband Rick

visit England some day and see the settings of some of the stories. Plus that would give me a chance to visit gardens, which is a passion of mine. One winter a few years back I read EVERY flower gardening book in the Boise Public Library to prepare for spring in our garden. I like perennials in blues and pinks best. No orange or yellow in my garden .. thank you very much. I don't have as much time to crochet and sew as I'd like but I still keep my hand in when I can. My next project is to sew a brocade jacket for myself. I searched for years for the perfect fabric and finally found it this winter.

  1. 2. Violettes: You grew up in Northern CA logging country and Boise. You married and settled in Boise. Was anyone in your family a hobby or professional musician? Or did your kids start because it was offered in the schools. Sammy played cello in orchestra and trombone in marching band. Did anyone else take up an instrument? Did any of them continue with private lessons?

Suzy: My grandmother played the piano for church until she was 90 and the family always gathered around her at home to sing along when we visited. My mother also played the piano and would play each night as we kids drifted off to sleep. She was the song leader at church for years. My dad would often get out his guitar and sing songs like "Froggy Went a Courtin". I've always regretted that Mom let me quit piano lessons because I didn't want to keep my fingernails short.

Sean (son) played the clarinet in school and took piano lessons in college because we said we'd get him a motorcycle if he did. :) Stacey (daughter) played percussion in marching band and had drum and flute lessons.  Sam (other daughter) had cello lessons with Mr Bratt for years. She still plays the cello with our granddaughter Abby. Abby takes piano and cello lessons and is in her school orchestra. This year Abby's "other" grandmother gave her baby grand piano to Abby when her piano teacher said she needed to "move up". Grand kids Jordan and Riley both play the flute and Riley is in her school orchestra.

  1. 3. Violettes: You must love nature, as you drive all over the place. Tell us what you like
    American gifts, Gift ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Musicieans A reason to love Idaho - "American Gifts" in nature. (Suzy trusting Grandson on the wheel. (In next photo, she is dumped!)

    most. Taking photos, getting out into the fresh air, and certain parks or places?

Suzy: We do enjoy seeing the wonders of nature within driving distance of Boise. There are gorgeous mountain vistas, streams, rocks, rivers and lakes in Idaho. But it's been especially interesting to see all the places of history like the Oregon Trail. There's something awesome about walking where wagons rumbled across the land over 150 years ago. Or going to historic gold rush towns like Silver City or Idaho City. It makes me realize that our roots can go deep.

  1. 4. Violettes: What do you like about living in Boise, as I have only lived on coasts?

Suzy: To tell the truth I'd rather live on the Oregon coast. I miss the ocean... and fog. Boise is close to wonderful sights but it gets pretty hot in the summer. We definitely have four seasons in Boise.

  1. 5. Violettes: Tell us about your grand children!
Gift Ideas for Music Lovers, Gifts for Musicians, Guitar Purse Suzy enjoying her grands.

Suzy: We live in Boise because that's where some of our kids and grand kids live. We love to take our youngest granddaughter to the zoo like we did her older cousins. We are trying to figure out how to visit the Oregon zoo in Portland and Port Defiance zoo in Tacoma with as many grand kids as possible soon. Ethan wants to be a zoo keeper now and then a zoo director after college. Jordan is working on becoming a teacher. Ben's in his first year of college and not sure yet what he'll end up being. Riley and Abby have both expressed an interest in being doctors when they finish school. We just like playing games with all of them and seeing them grow up happy.

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