An All About that Bass Guitar Purse Craft Show in Atlanta

All About that Bass Words Still Everywhere

In the recently created play by Brent Glenn, there it was - the "All About that Bass" phrase

All About That Bass, Guitar Purse My Mom and Sister, owner of Cat Violin Purse, at play at Emory University.

hanging in the middle of the play. I took my Mom to Atlanta to see my niece, Justine, in a play created by an Emory University Theater lecturer. Most of the performers could act, sing and dance too, triple threats. And there were those that could also play instruments. We stayed at my sister's house for a night.

My Sister, Delanna Protas, was awed the next morning when coming out of a breakfast restaurant, a woman commented on my guitar purse and asked for several Violettes' business cards. Later in the day, my Mom, my Sister and I went to the local high school fundraiser holiday craft show. It's that time folks! My sister was glad to wear a Violettes guitar purse to walk thru the show. I gave her Violettes cards to put in her pocket. We lost her for half an hour. When we found her, she said she hadn't seen anything yet. She was stopped by people who loved her purse and wanted my cards. She was "hooked" and offered to keep a stack of my cards to pass out to everyone she knows!

All About that Bass, Violin Purse, Guitar Purse Wearing All About That Bass Guitar Purse to Holiday Craft Show

My sister, Delanna,  was a singer in a rock band thru college and many years after. It's a hard life with a family. Let's face it, it's a hard (albeit fun) life period. And so it is also with arts and craft vendors selling their wares. Even the very talented ones need to take to the road travelling between shows similarly to musicians. Delanna had a moment of potential fame when, People Magazine took a photo shoot of her band for an article, but the article got bumped by "bigger news".

My sister commented about the crafters that "These people have their hearts hanging out." She understands.

When I was in elementary school (even though I couldn't carry a tune so well), I sang a favorite song in the talent show. Here are words to that song that I have changed to dedicate to the holiday vendors. Original Words and Tune are at bottom of page.



 To Pete Seeger ‘s Be Kind To Your Parents - Revised Lyrics for Craft Vendors

Be kind to your vendors
They really deserve it
Transporting their craft works
Is a difficult thing to do

They're hangin’ their heart out
And overexcited
Showin’ you all their
Handmade arts to sell

Just keep in mind
Vendors work hard to show
Their lathing or knitting to be wrapped in a bow

Appreciate the splendor
with kind generosity
Their arts are for giving and buy one for you

Keep some in your closet
For emergency gifts too

Pete Seeger – Be Kind To Your Parents Lyrics
Be kind to your vendors
Though they don’t deserve it
Remember that grown ups
A difficult stage of life

They're apt to be nervous
And overexcited
Confused by their
Daily storm and strife

Just keep in mind
Though it seems hard I know
Most parents were children long ago

So treat them with patience
And kind understanding
In spite of the foolish things they do

Some day you might wake up
And find you're a parent too

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All ABout That Bass, Guitar Purse Purse, Violin Purse

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