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There was no "About that Bass" Fashion when I first met Linda Hill. We had a connection in that she is a great storyteller, and I was teaching my children how to tell stories. I invited her for dinner so we could talk more. I still remember that I cooked a home made shrimp pizza that day almost 20 years ago! At that time, I didn't know she played musical instruments and would love a Violettes by Becky "All About that Bass" Fashion Bag, especially since I hadn't yet designed them.

Linda has done so many cool things and has so many accomplishments. Having cancer has slowed her down and increased her debt status. She was in college to get an elementary education teaching degree, when everything came to a halt for treatments. She has been in remission for 3 years now.
Linda was born in Mississippi, and has lived in Atlanta,Georgia, New Orleans, New Jersey and Knoxville, TN. She grew up with a Mom teaching her to knit, crochet and sew and a father who gave very structured church sermons. This helped her to cope as an adult. For awhile, she earned a living sewing theatre costumes. She attributes her father's sermons to her storytelling abilities.
Linda moved to Knoxville for college in 1972 to major in music at Knoxville College because her father lived in Sweetwater. After that, she majored in theatre at UTK, but had trouble with childcare. She also had many health problems, and had to put college on hold. She later went back to school for an early education degree, and spent time studying elementary special education thru the Grand Canyon University on-line, but cancer interfered. She would love to get back to the on-line classes.

1. Violettes:  You play a lot of instruments and are experienced with theatre. That includes

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Violin, Bass, guitar and Piano? Are you still playing them or/and teaching with them?

Linda plays the upright Bass weekly in her church orchestra. At the elementary school where she is an assistant teacher, she teaches basic music theory and musicianship. She also teaches an after school violin club.
2. Violettes:  You have been in an acting troupe, "Carpetbag Theatre" - Are you still associated with that group?
Linda still performs (singing and acting) in short skits with them including excerpts from shows for meetings. This includes performing a skit about the "Tennessee Chocolate Drops" (who the Carolina Drops are named for) for the Louis Bluie Festival and the TN Historical Society.
Linda also wrote a  story called "Aunt Dina", which she performed for prisoners in honor of Black History Month.
3. Violettes:  You are currently a teaching assistant for elementary school children. I hope you are able to use your music and acting talents working with the kids! Are you doing anything involving, music, acting or storytelling with the school children?
Linda teaches reading intervention groups from the 1st thru 4rth grade. After school , thru the Great Schools Partnership, she teaches beginning keyboard and violin.
4. Violettes:  What are your favorite things to do these days?
Linda says, "I have been feeling a lot better for the last 9 months. Weekly music with my church is my biggest joy. And just relaxing at home."
5. Violettes:  You have 2 wonderful sons that you call your coastal babies. What are they up to now that they are grown.
Milton is recruiting for the Marines in California and Charles is learning to be an electrician in Florida.
6. Violettes: What is your favorite musician, band  or/and music genre?
Linda's favorite music is classical, and especially baroque. "In orchestra, it keeps the basses busy!" But she also loves old time blues and country music because of the stories.
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