Violettes are the Best Gifts for Music Lovers - Give a Violin Handbag, Guitar Purse, Uke or Grand Piano Purse

 We Present our Testimonials 


Rachel Barton Pine Violin Purse       Rachel barton Pine, Ultra Famous Violinist and Educator      Violin Purse close up


 "I absolutely love it!!!! I can’t even express how thrilled I am to have such a cool violin purse. It’s casual enough to use for everyday but elegant enough to use at my performances. There’s more space than my previous wristlets which means I can finally carry earbuds, and I love the hidden zipper compartment in the back. I know that everyone who sees it will ask about it, so I’d better start carrying your cards too!"


Emeritus UTKnoxville Piano Professor, Fay Adams: " Love to support the arts. Becky's creative and fun art work is a treasure for all. Especially love the musical note cards with practice tips. Great gifts and great for notes to students and their parents.


We recently met a lovely woman, Lulu Roman, singer and comedian most known as "Hee Haw" cast. Today she has many credits to her professional career, just a few of which include:  guest performer at the inauguration celebration of President Ronald Reagan in 1980,  inducted into the Country Music Gospel Hall Of Fame in 1999 and the Christian Music Hall Of Fame in 2008.

Lulu Roman 

She says, "I love my bag, it's small and it goes with everything. You can put so much in this small violin, I will never use another purse."



Grammy award winner, Maggie O'Connor says, "Becky, I absolutely love my (Violettes handmade violin) purse, and I get compliments on it every time I wear it! It is so well made and I love the beading/embroidery details and the use of fabrics. It is a very high quality product. It also has lots of compartments, and I was surprised how much I can fit in that little purse!"

"Maggie Dixon O'Connor and Mark O'Connor                                Maggie O'Connor Violin Purse

Handmade Violettes Violin Purse shows up at Carnegie Hall

with violinist Maggie O'Connor and famous fiddler husband Mark O'Connor!

Standing with renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine (and her mother?)

"I am on my way to string ensemble rehearsal and I am very excited to be using my Violette/cellette bag.  I have everything I need right at my fingertips. My rock stop, tuner, pencil, rosin, cell phone and drivers license, keys, and debit card fit nicely.  When I get to practice all I have to do is put it on the back of my chair and I will have access to everything. "

Euniqueca Reed

Professional Cellist

Cesterfield, TN


"The Violette violin bags are beautiful! I got the black violin with the silver chin rest for my sister, who is a professional violinist. Her rosin, shoulder rest, strings and all she needs for practice and concerts fit in her violette. I love Violettes by Becky!"


Nicole Hallahan

Cordova, TN




Gaither Group Singer Songwriter, Woody Wright, exclaimed as he purschased his Violettes Guitar Bag, "I'll never lose my mic. wire again".

Woody and Vonnie Wright


Sarah Potenza with her American Flag Guitar Purse

NBC the Voice Star, Sarah Potenza, loves her Peace Power Guitar Purse.

She says "I love it!". I think it would go well with her Freebird outfit! 




Great American Folk Musician, Mark Rubin, loves our Violettes so much that we had to run and get a video!



Violettes handbags/music accessory bags are exquisite, but also incredibly practical. It is like carrying around a piece of art that is also extremely useful. I always get compliments when I have mine. As a violist, I carry it on stage with me when I perform or rehearse, so I can unobtrusively have my rosin, extra strings, a pencil etc., if I need them. I also use it as a regular "dress up" purse, esp. when I go to concerts. Thank you, Violettes, for being such a beautiful and useful product.


Susan Shor
Oak Ridge, TN


"Whether you're using it as a purse or a bag to carry your music-carrying essentials, like extra strings or rosin, Violettes Violin Bags by Knoxville, TN artisan Becky Chaffee, let everyone know you're a strings fan."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Strings Magazine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         February 2014



My daughter opened her Violette! She LOVED it...we all agree! Thank you so much for this fabulous, unique gift. Merry Christmas!


Angela LaFarge Blizzard
Hillsboro, Oregon





 My beautiful black and blingy Violette was MUCH admired on stage during the holiday concert season, and I look forward to using it as my "gig purse" for many a concert/gig in the future. A true marriage of textile art and function!"


Ruth Brons, violist
West Orange, New Jersey 




There is special joy in handmade things, particularly one-of-a-kind treasures like my Violette. A gift from my mother, it has been a constant conversation starter; from the funky boutiques on Melrose Avenue to the Fashion District downtown, from Wilshire Boulevard to the weekend farmers' markets... everyone wants to know about my Violette.


Brandon Daughtry Slocum
Beverly Hills, Ca


V iolettes make great bags for seniors. Grandmother, Maria Brody says "I keeps my pills, cell phone and medical alert with me at all times in the bag. I sometimes don't feel like wearing my medical alert necklace. When we are out too late to take my pills in time, they are all in my bag. The Violin bag is just the right size to have at my side. And it's such fun to have the music bag. Everyone asks about it when I go out. I meet lots of new people just by wearing my Violette. They ask about my music, which gives me the perfect excuse to talk about my grand-children!"


I am thrilled with my black handbag purchase from Violettes By Becky! It was everything Becky described it to be and more! With the wide selection of handcrafted handbags and exceptional customer service, I can't help but applaud the quality, elegance and affordability of these splendid handbags. I am completely in love with my Violette! No matter if I am wearing my Violette for work or play, I know I am making a fierce and bold fashion statement. I highly recommend Violettes By Becky because it is easy to match with different clothing styles and I can fit all my essentials inside for a fun girl's night out or a busy day at the office. If you're looking for a beautiful, capacious, handy, comfortable, handbag bag, look no further. A good handbag is like the perfect soul-mate. Once you find the right one, another bag won't do. This is the one!


Briana Booker
“From Girl to Girl” Blogger
Washington, DC





Now it’s easier to be fully prepared during rehearsal. Everything is ready to go in my Violettes caddie. I have two – one to hang in my studio and one I bring to symphony. They are practical, attractive and fun.


Dr. Susan Eddlemon
Knoxville, TN





The Violette arrived in Italia. I love it. In it I put my baroque things (accessories) for my new Cello! Sono bellissime!!! (They are beautiful).


Barbara Bertoldi
Trento, Italy




 Regarding the Avacado Guitar Purse -

I bought that purse for a friend of mine. Being a male, I just thought she would like it because it was so "Off the Wall"! I was wrong...she loved it!
Thank you for making a very strange girl, very happy.
Sherman, Texas