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Becky C.

About Becky C.


Newsflash: Becky has become a Hallmark Artist

Beckysigned prints on Saturday November 18, 2017 at the Turkey Creek Hallmark  near Knoxville, TN.

I come from a musical family (I play flute), and I raised a musical family. My Mother always donates to musicians on the street because she worries about her far away musical son in Berlin, Germany not making enough money himself.


I have Civil Engineering degrees from UC Berkeley and Cornell University. After working in the engineering field for well over a decade, I raised 2 outstanding children and volunteered in the community.


One day, I was walking thru the craft store and saw a button that looked like a violin chin rest. Coming from a lifetime obsession of violins, my mind whirled with the idea to create artsy violin purses. Recreating the colorful textures of the sound and the beautiful grainy wood carved into the curvy instrument using leather or velvet and beads and buttons satisfied the artist in me.  They were art pieces, but with my engineering background, I was driven to also make them practical. In the end, the little bags became both artsy purses and practical gig bags for musicians.  The idea morphed into crafting other instrument bags.


Several of my violins were created in collaboration with stories by my musician brother, Paul Brody (as seen in Featured Violin Purses). After one of the “storied” violin creations won placement in the Tyson McGee Airport Exhibition in Spring 2015, I became inspired to create stories with art. This morphed in 2 directions. Creating whimsical music themed acrylic paintings to turn in to greeting cards and posters (including  themes such as "Practice Tips", "Seize the Opportunity to Play", "Asian Instruments"...) as seen in our constantly expanding new card and poster selection, and creating 3D “collages” (Both found in Music Art). There are many more pieces waiting to burst into creation, such as a “Vanishing Symphony” 3D tapestry.


Company Vision:


Violettes by Becky is a pay it forward company, to date spending all resources on giving back to youth music education causes (See Support of the Arts). Most significant is sales donations to Knox County Schools Music Programs, and the 4 years of the Violettes by Becky Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition. The national competition serves students ages 10 thru 18. The children are given constructive encouraging feedback on the compositions and songs in addition to certificates and placement prizes. There are 2 categories (composition and songwriting) each divided into 2 age groups for judgement of prizes.----------------------------

In 2017/18, Becky donated profits from numerous sales to the Knox County School Music Program. If schools want me to set up a booth at an event, I will donate at least 50% of my profit to the school music program.

Becky's Annual Youth Composition and Songwriter Competition is finishing the 5th year, endingApril 2018. In 2015/16, in addition to our very polished contestants, there were 3 inner city arts school classes involved located in Oakland, CA, Flushing, New York and Philadelphia, PA. One entered garage band compositions created on the computer from 26 students, the other challenged students to enter original songs, and the 3rd used the classroom time to work on judging entries from other students as a class project. We made room in our competition to judge the entries from each student, giving encouraging constructive feedback. For the inner city schools, we do separate judging and prizes to give them support and recognition. The teachers tell us this is invaluable. It is so rewarding to help these creative music teachers give students recognition, confidence and encouragement.


Please support our awesome work by purchasing products. Purchases of several of the cards go to Knox county School Music Programs.